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The work to make Vergel one of the most innovative and enterprising places is not easy, so we have a team of ambassadors who are passionate volunteers for the project. We work with a corporate vision, bringing together gifts, talents and skills to make this dream come true. The volunteer signs a term of social responsibility and commitment to the execution of the tasks related to the description of the function that was assigned, and follows the instructions of his supervisor/teacher, as well as the instructions of the Operations Coordinator, a position currently occupied by collaborator Millane Barbosa .



We need people who are willing to transform the reality of a place to impact the state of Alagoas. The integration process of Mandaver Institute volunteers is carried out periodically, as required, and information about the event of this process must be sought directly from the Operations Coordinator or competent leadership. To do so, it is possible to contact us for information regarding volunteering at the email  and by contact (82) 99621-1806, in addition to personal contact, primarily on days of work at the center.



Volunteers, motivated by the institution's vision and spontaneously, donate their time and their set of gifts, talents and skills to make our dream come true. It is an agent of social change and without them, the journey would be more difficult. 

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