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About Us


We are the Mandaver Institute, a non-profit Civil Society Organization (OSC), which works to promote citizenship through social assistance and entrepreneurship actions. Our lines of action towards the community are workshops on culture, sport and professional qualification, thus being a driver of income generation for several families. Thus, acting significantly in the social transformation of the neighborhood of Vergel do Lago, located in the city of Maceió, state of Alagoas.

The Mandaver Institute was born in 2015, through the dream of transforming the reality of the Vergel do Lago neighborhood and the lives of its residents. It was on the banks of Lagoa Mundaú, known for the extraction of sururu, which is the cultural heritage of Alagoas, that the Institute was created. This was idealized by social leader Carlos Jorge, who was already carrying out community work in the area and had the dream of changing the socio-geographic reality of the region, making Vergel one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial places in the state.



Lisania, 33 years old, married and mother of 2 children. Northeastern and Alagoas, raised in the interior of the state and soon after went to live in the capital, Maceió, to complete her studies. President of the Institute and Co-founder of Banco Social do Mandaver. She learned from an early age that to conquer it is necessary to fight, with vigor and daring. Four years ago, dissatisfied with the harsh reality of so many people, for lack of opportunities, she accepted the challenge of dropping everything and entering the third sector. Even with the odds, he understood that it was a chance to transform other people's lives. Faced with many dreams and ambitions, without a doubt, he is sure that he was born with the purpose of impacting people and that he fights for them.


We exist to influence a generation to re-signify its identity and be an empowerment of its future, impacting its local community. In this way, we will make Vergel one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial places in Alagoas.

We believe that sport, culture and professional qualification are the ideal actions to promote citizenship.

Our mission

Promote citizenship with entrepreneurial actions, through sport, culture, professional qualification and income generation.

Our Mission

Our vision

Make Vergel one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial places in Alagoas.


Our values

  • Be committed to idealizing, speaking and doing: Mandaver!  

  • Light and ethics: our actions are transparent and upright.  

  • Secret: we believe in the power of people transforming people.  

  • Active: investing in every human being as our greatest asset.

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how we act

Through culture and sport workshops for our children and teenagers, as well as professional training and employability for young people and adults. Today we count more than 176116 people impacted by our activities. We promote social transformation!

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